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National Institute of Public Health, Cambodia

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is a research institute and part of the Ministry of Health in Cambodia. Its main purpose is to analyse health related problems in Cambodia, provide public health training and support the development and implementation of health policies through research. The Institute supports the implementation of the Cambodian government’s Health Care System Reform plan through training and research.

The Institute’s activities focus on:

  • research, including community needs assessment and conducting the Cambodian Health Care Demand survey
  • organizing training courses, such as the health services management training course for district health managers
  • supporting the development and implementation of policy (for example, the Institute participates in working groups in the Ministry of Health)
  • publishing national health statistics

The Institute's website provides further details about the Institute’s activities, future strategies and publications. The full text of some reports, including the National Health Survey 1998 can be downloaded while summaries of some of the publications by NIH and the Ministry of Health can be viewed on the website.

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