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Regional focus: Africa's response to climate risks
The dome of a mosque under construction
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The Eldis Climate Change Resource guide is showcasing regional content from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This week we focus on Africa.

We know that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and evidence from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) shows that 'climate change is expected to have widespread impacts on African society and Africans’ interaction with the natural environment.

Links to a previous blog by Dr. Johnson Nkem, from the African Climate Policy Centre, Eldis climate change country profiles, and regionally focused research readings have been pulled together to feature how Africa is responding to climate stresses and shocks.

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Latest Documents

India and Africa - collaboration for growth
KPMG 2016
The nature of India’s relationship with Africa is clearly evolving into a wider, deeper engagement that, while clearly in India’s advantage, also offers significant potential benefits to its African counterparts. This overvi...
Strengthening disaster risk management in India: A review of five state disaster management plans
A. Bahadur; E. Lovell; F. Pichon / Climate and Development Knowledge Network 2016
India has suffered from many disasters in its recent history, both natural and climate-related, and these continue to cause devastation. In November 2015, floods in the southern city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, killed over 370 p...
The next global breadbasket: How Latin America can feed the world
M. Zeigler / Sustainable Development Department, Inter-American Development Bank 2016
The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region has a third of the world's fresh water resources, and more than a quarter of the world's medium to high potential farmland. The region as a whole...
Climate finance for cities: how can climate funds best support low-carbon and climate resilient urban development?
S. Barnard / Overseas Development Institute 2015
This paper reviews the approaches taken by multilateral climate funds in the period 2010-2014 to support low-emission and climate-resilient development in developing country cities. It identifies US$842 million in approved climate fin...
Resilience scan: January-March 2016
T. Tanner / Overseas Development Institute 2016
The January-March 2016 quarter’s scan summarises writing and debates in the field of resilience. A number of major intergovernmental agreements in 2015 related directly to resilience issues. These included the Sendai Framework fo...
Participation and planning for climate change – Lessons from an experimental project in Maputo, Mozambique
V. Castán Broto / Department of Agricultural and Food Economics, University of Reading 2015
Mozambique is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, in particular those of hydro-meteorological origin such as floods, drought and cyclones. Increases in both temperature and average precipitation due to climate change will exacerba...
Driving sustainable development through better infrastructure: key elements of a transformation program
A. Bhattacharya / Brookings Institution 2015
This paper has been developed to inform discussions on smart infrastructure development and financing as part of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and climate processes in 2015.
Climate change policy, innovation and growth
A. Dechezlepretre / Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment 2016
This policy brief provides evidence to inform the strategy to support low-carbon innovation, to be published with the second State of the Energy Union report in late 2016 and other initiatives seeking to stimulate low-carbon innovatio...
Forest adjacent households’ voices on their perceptions and adaptation strategies to climate change in Kilombero District, Tanzania
C. Balama / Springer 2016
Climate change is a global and local challenge to both sustainable livelihoods and economic development. Tanzania as other countries of the world has been affected. Several studies have been conducted on farmers’ perceptions and ...
Green economy scoping study for Saint Lucia
UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre 2016
The scoping study was produced by the Government of Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology and UNEP, with the collaboration of the University of the West Indies, and financial support of t...
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