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Regional focus: Africa's response to climate risks
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The Eldis Climate Change Resource guide is showcasing regional content from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This week we focus on Africa.

We know that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and evidence from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) shows that 'climate change is expected to have widespread impacts on African society and Africans’ interaction with the natural environment.

Links to a previous blog by Dr. Johnson Nkem, from the African Climate Policy Centre, Eldis climate change country profiles, and regionally focused research readings have been pulled together to feature how Africa is responding to climate stresses and shocks.

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Latest Documents

Transformation: theory and practice in climate change and development
A. Bahadur; Thomas Tanner / IDS Reference Database 2012
There is growing debate on the need for transformational approaches to tackle the challenges facing development in the face of climate change. If current incremental approaches to preventing dangerous climate change and adapting to th...
Re-shaping policy and institutions for integrating climate and disaster resilience
Institute of Development Studies UK 2016
Evidence from across Africa and Asia signifies that shifting seasonal patterns and high intensity extreme events are already eroding community and household resilience to a wide set of external shocks. Investing in integrated and flex...
Impact assessment and national adaptation strategy and action plan to address climate change in the tourism sector of Saint Lucia: volume II
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 2015
Saint Lucia experiences several stresses with the onset of climate change, issues related to droughts during unusually extended dry periods and significant flooding and subsequent damage from tropical systems have been high on the age...
UNDP climate change country profile: The Bahamas
United Nations Development Programme 2012
The Bahamas experience the year?round warm, humid conditions associated with the Tropics, but with more distinct seasonal variations than the Southern Caribbean Islands. Seasonal mean temperatures range from 21?24?C in the cooler mont...
CARIWIG assessment of climate change impacts on selected crops and livestock in Belize and Jamaica: an example for the Caribbean Basin
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre 2016
This study reveals that substantial negative impacts on food production should be expected from future climate scenarios such as those provided by PRECIS simulations made under different initial assumptions in Belize. This is an indic...
The implications of global climate change for fisheries management in the Caribbean
L. Nurse / Climate and Development 2011
Concerns about the socio-economic impacts of observed and projected climate change have been high on the research agendas of scientists for the last several decades. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the rece...
Climate change and the Caribbean: review and response
M.A. Taylor / Caribbean Studies 2012
Caribbean economies, lifestyles, activities, practices and operational cycles are intricately linked to climate, making them vulnerable to its variations and/or changes. As examples, climate extremes impact agriculture, fisheries, hea...
Modelling the effects of climate change on a Caribbean coral reef food web
Jorge Christian Alva-Basurto; Jesús Ernesto Arias-González / Ecological Modelling 2014
Global climate change and local anthropogenic pressures are among the primary factors leading to the decline of functional biodiversity and critical habitats in coral reefs. Coral bleaching, the potential decreases in dissolved oxygen...
The role of private investment in increasing climate friendly technologies in developing countries
Stephany Griffith-Jones / IDS Reference Database 2009
This paper contributes to a review examining the responsibilities of developed and developing countries alongside the relative roles of the public and private sector in developing climate friendly technologies. The paper focuses on th...
Climate smart disaster risk management
T. Mitchell / Institute of Development Studies UK 2010
Current efforts to reduce the impact of disasters are falling short of the mark. The climate is changing and weather patterns are becoming increasingly extreme and unpredictable (IPCC, 2007). Coupled with other evolving threats to hum...
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