Online Knowledge Portals for Development in Africa: scoping study

Online Knowledge Portals for Development in Africa: scoping study

The Global Open Knowledge Hub (GOKH) programme, implemented by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in collaboration with a range of partners, aims to build a global open knowledge platform for open data sharing and exchange on a broad range of development issues. The aim of the GOKH is to “improve the supply and accessibility  of content that supports evidence-informed policy making and practice in international development.”  In particular, a key objective of the project is to raise the profile of diverse perspectives on international development, paying particular attention to content from organisations based in the global south.

During its second year, 2014/15, a small amount of funding was made available to the participating partners to take forward initiatives that contribute to the objectives of the GOKH programme. As the only Africa-­‐based intermediary partner working in English, Soul Beat Africa proposed a scoping study with the aim of identifying development knowledge portals from Africa that might be suitable to join the GOKH programme.

The main objective of the scoping study was to:  explore the availability of development knowledge portals hosted in Africa and about Africa, with the aim to identify suitable content contributors for participation in the GOKH programme.  The study used a broad definition of knowledge portals, which are defined as: hubs, repositories, or one-­‐stop-­‐shops of knowledge around a given topic and intended for a particular community of practice or target audience. They contain a structured set of materials open to interrogation through a search function.

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