Degraded Peri-urban biophysical environments in South Asia

Degraded Peri-urban biophysical environments in South Asia

Urbanization leads to the deterioration of peri-urban biophysical environments. Urban sprawl encroaches and degrades peri-urban ecosystems,and alters the natural  equilibrium. This  in  turn, depletes the resource base of peri-urban areas.   

Urban development policies,plans,and programs treat the peri-urban as an opportunity for urban expansion, and rarely factor issues of environmental sustainability. Thus, peri-urban areas are often selected as suitable places for discharge of urban wastewater and disposal of solid wastes. As a consequence, and because of the haphazard construction of urban infrastructure, the drainage systems of peri-urban areas are severely compromised.

This research brief is based on comparative field research in four South Asian peri­ urban areas with different biophysical settings. The paper underscores the adverse consequences ofurbanization and climate change and offers policy recommendations.

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