Integration of biodiversity into national agriculture sectors

Integration of biodiversity into national agriculture sectors

Reports, case studies and resources to assist with agricultural management for biodiversity.

This report is one of eight thematic reviews prepared for the Biodiversity Planning Support Programme (BPSP), a programme created to help countries strengthen national capacity to prepare and implement National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans in compliance with Article 6 of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The study consists of the following chapters:

  • managing agricultural resources for biodiversity conservation: a guide to best practices, a draft guide to integrating biodiversity concerns into the national agricultural sector
  • national experiences with integrating biodiversity into the agricultural sector: six regional case studies from Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • scientific reviews of national experiences and approaches: seven expert reviews on
    • pollination
    • soil biodiversity
    • biodiversity that mitigates pests and disease
    • crop diversity
    • wild diversity in agricultural landscapes
    • knowledge systems
    • landscape level agrobiodiversity

    Papers refer to the case studies , but also give a scientific overview and point to additional sources of information and best practices:

    • annotated bibliography providing additional resources relating to the integration of biodiversity and agriculture
    • list of relevant web-based resources on agrobiodiversity


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