Participatory monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity

Participatory monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity

Papers and discussion summaries of workshops on participatory monitoring

The site contains a number of documents relating to an e-conference and follow up workshop on participatory biodiversity assessment.

The author defines the concept as follows: 'participatory monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity involves non-scientists in observing, measuring or assessing biodiversity or its components. It is often understood to mean assessment by rural communities, but can also involve other stakeholders. It can refer to scientists and local people working together to assess biodiversity. This can help to understand each other's perspectives better, so that scientists support local people in managing biodiversity, or local people contribute to nationalbiodiversity monitoring processes.'

Documents available on the site are:

  • a background paper and discussion guide
  • policy implications of participatory biodiversity assessment, summary report from the one-day seminar
  • a summary of the e-conference
  • an introduction to the key themes of participatory monitoring, namely:
    • biodiversity assessment, why and how
    • values and biodiversity
    • methods and tools
    • information needs of different actors
    • synergy
    • enabling factors
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