Forced migration, resource conflicts and development

Forced migration, resource conflicts and development

Evaluation of the impact of a conflict and environment research programme

Evaluation of a Norwegian funded research programme which was focused on issues of: internal displacement; types of migration and repatriation; the role of environmental factors in analyzing causes and impacts of flight. The report looks at the style of research, its dissemination methods and at internal and external receptions of the programme's impact.

The evaluation finds that the programme has been a capacity-building research enterprise that has contributed with substantial new knowledge to a research field which has now started to expand very rapidly. It is concluded that it has had a catalytic value to conflict-related research and research on globalisation and marginalisation. Although many of the researchers had established strong relationships with aid organizations and authorities, Norwegian aid donors especially have not utilized the full potential of information provided by the programme.

The report includes a bibliography of print outputs from the programme

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