Neither war nor peace

Neither war nor peace

Youth in organised armed violence

This study identifies a number of regions affected by children and youth in organised armed violence (COAV), exploring causes and trends of the problem as well as suggesting policy oriented guidelines for policy makers within the international forum for the implementation of practical steps to treat COAV. Moreover, the study presents the personal life stories of gang members, giving insights on their influences, motivations and fears.

The report is structured as follows:

  • organised armed groups
  • children and youth in organised armed violence
  • firearms-related mortality
  • treating the problem of children and youth in organised
  • armed violence
  • country reports: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Jamaica, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Philippines, South Africa, USA.

    The report argues that state violence and corruption are perverse ingredients that create a fertile breeding-ground for for gang activities, and among the measures suggested to combat COAV include: community empowerment; gun control; socially and economically inclusive policies focused on impoverished urban areas; fast-track education in vulnerable areas; and ensuring more efficient, accountable and capable security and juridicial systems to deal with gangs so that they can be a credible part of the solution.

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