Implementation of the international strategy for disaster reduction

Implementation of the international strategy for disaster reduction

Mitigating future natural disasters

In preparation for an international decade on disaster reduction, this document provides an overview of the implementation of the Strategy for Disaster Reduction and the follow-up to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction and the Hyogo Framework for Action and gives an account of the follow-up actions taken under the Strategy by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction. The report contains a section on disasters associated with natural hazards and vulnerability, to highlight the role of disaster risk reduction as an essential policy tool to reduce vulnerability and reach the goals set out in the United Nations Millennium Declaration. It also reports on the advancements of early warning systems following the Indian Ocean tsunami.

The report emphasises the importance of the Hyogo Conference as a landmark in worldwide understanding of and commitment to implementing a comprehensive disaster risk reduction agenda. The resulting framework aims to develop institutions at global, regional, national and local levels to build resistance to hazards, reduce underlying risk factors and implement early warning systems

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