Stakeholder power analysis

Stakeholder power analysis

Identifying the power of different stakeholders

Stakeholder power analysis is a tool which helps understand how people affect policies and institutions, and how policies and institutions affect people. It is particularly useful in identifying the winners and losers and in highlighting the challenges that need to be faced to change behaviour, develop capabilities and tackle inequalities.

This manual outlines how to go about conducting a stakeholder power analysis. The manual outlines a six step process:

  • develop purpose and procedures of analysis and initial understanding of the power balance
  • identify key stakeholders
  • investigate stakeholders' interests, characteristics and circumstances
  • identify patterns and contexts of interaction between stakeholders
  • assess stakeholders' power and potential roles
  • assess options and use the findings to make progress.

The tool allows for the identification of institutions and relationships which need to be developed or dealt with to avoid negative outcomes and enhance positive ones.