Educational research: some basic concepts and terminology

Educational research: some basic concepts and terminology

Quantitative research methods in educational planning

In every system of education changes are made by educational planners with the aim of improving the quality of education. This paper provides an introductory overview of the meaning of research in educational planning and includes sections on:

  • the different types of educational research
  • the three types of research questions in educational planning
  • identifying research issues
  • the sequential stages in a research process starting from looking at general and specific research questions to the final research report.

Examples of the kind of work that is required at each stage are provided in the paper.

The author concludes by pointing out that educational planners are responsible for the planning of the various components of a system of education. Decisions must be taken on what to do to regarding educational quality, and issues of gender and social equity. As much information as possible is required to help decision-makers to operate successfully within the temporal, financial and political constraints within which they work.

The appendix of the publication contains information on terminology used in educational research, offers further reading suggestions and includes some exercises.