Women livestock managers in the third world: a focus on technical [issues]

Women livestock managers in the third world: a focus on technical [issues]

Why women's role in livestock production and management must be valued and understood

There has been a significant lack of understanding and of women's role in livestock production which has consequently been largely underestimated and ignored.

This report examines women's technical knowledge of and involvement in livestock production in Asia, Africa and Latin America and provides guidelines on how these issues can be incorporated in IFAD's project cycle to the benefit of rural women. Recommendations made include:

  • encourage research into women livestock managers
  • enhance women's participation in livestock projects
  • support indigenous technical knowledge systems
  • emphasize research into appropriate technologies for women in livestock production
  • change national policies to reverse the causes and adverse effects of local, national and regional constraints
  • make locally managed credit facilities available to women for livestock production activities
  • improve market facilities and livestock prices to enhance women's involvement
  • direct training and extension services at women involved in livestock production
  • ensure that gender issues are reflected in all aspects of IFAD's lending operations

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