Macro-level Handbook: Socioeconomic and Gender Analysis Programme, FAO

Macro-level Handbook: Socioeconomic and Gender Analysis Programme, FAO

Purpose of the Handbook is to provide conceptual frameworks, methods and tools which support participatory development planning -- the cornerstone of the SEAGA approach. Targets policy-and decision-makers who work at the international and/or national level; ministry officials, heads of non-governmental agencies or private institutions, who are involved in national or international policy making. This handbook is designed for use with the Intermediate and Field Level SEAGA handbooks. It is part of a comprehensive package which:

  • demonstrates the conceptual and participatory processes involved in incorporating the concerns of women and other disadvantaged groups at every step of policy planning and implementation;
  • provides the tools for implementing this approach.

Integrating gender into policies at the macro level is founded primarily on the capacity to perceive, comprehend, and model linkages between macro-level policy, intermediate institutions, and field -level realities. In addition to these linkages, the SEAGA model illustrates how social, environmental, institutional, political, economic, and demographic issues cut across these three levels. [author]

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