Fulani settlement and modes of adjustment in the Northwest Province of Cameroon

Fulani settlement and modes of adjustment in the Northwest Province of Cameroon

A collection of papers on pastoralism and pastoralists

This collection of papers includes:

Highlights of the Nigerian livestock resources report (David Bourn). This article estimates the value of Nigerian livestock as a major national asset. Who controls this asset is worth further study.

Cashmere production in Northern China (Angus Russel). In his article, Cashmere production in Northern China, Angus Russel reports on his impressions of current, and future production of cashmere. With increased processing capacity developing within China, Chinese raw cashmere of fine quality (small diameter, pale colour and long length of fibre) may be less available to processing plants outside China. Increases in production from goats within China are unlikely to offset this trend, leaving a shortfall on world markets.

Fulani settlement in Northwest Province of Cameroon (Michael Boboh Vabi). Vabi (Fulani settlement in the Northwest Province of Cameroon) paper 35d) describes how lifestyles in terms of housing, farming methods and land use are changing as the majority of Fulani in the Northwest Province of Cameroon become more settled. Along with these changes, has come the desire to have recognised control over the land that they use. This has led to conflict in the past and if future conflicts are to be avoided, the author believes that land rights must be given, on an equal footing, to the Fulani and the indigenous inhabitants alike.

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