Namibia: encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture

Namibia: encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture

Report recommends agriculture-sector poliy objective of risk reduction, production stability, and the diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural economic opportunities in the rural areas. The most fundamental problem remains, seven years after independence, the lack of a clear policy, administrative structures and legislation dealing with land allocation, tenure and management. Policies required for:

  • Resource conserving technologies and practices: risk minimisation through policy lead farmer-participatory research
  • Sustaining institutions: civil society institutions should be developed, including: community based organisations involved in the management of natural resources, including communal grazing, forests, and wildlife; farmer organisations providing a range of services to farmers; local government structures at the Regional, Constituency and village levels to co-ordinate and direct the development efforts of line Ministries, NGOs and CBOs.
  • Enabling environment: coordinated policy, including issues of poverty reduction and land tenure.

The full text of the six country reports is also available online

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