Global Social Policy Principles: Human Rights & Social Justice

Global Social Policy Principles: Human Rights & Social Justice

The UN structure as a basis for international social policy setting in an era of globalisation

Argues that the UN framework is constructed upon the concept of human rights which acknowledges the entitlements and needs of all people on the basis of their common humanity and the obligations of all governments to respect, protect and promote those rights. The object of this report is to assess the implications of this framework for the construction of global social policy principles.

Report covers:

  • a brief introduction to relevant debates about approaches to social policy. Competing ideas concerning the definition and content of social policy reflect different visions of society as well as ideas about the best instruments for promoting social change. The focus is on the distinction between rights and needs based understandings of social policy and the complementary roles these two approaches play in achieving the objective of social justice
  • the concerns of social policy are outlined and the difference between rights based and needs based approaches to social policy is considered
  • an outline of the particular human rights, defined in UN documentation, which address social policy concerns
  • considers questions of accountability and how universal principles can be implemented in a way which is responsive to different national, regional and local contexts
  • offers a set of principles which could be used as guidelines for the development of a global social policy on the basis of human rights documentation.


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