Corruption in Kenya: a call to action

Corruption in Kenya: a call to action

How effective are the Governments measures to combat corruption?

Looks at the phenomena of corruption and its effects, international perceptions of corruption in Kenya and government attempts to address the issue.

It discusses the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) and the Bribe Payers Index (BPI) and concludes that the objective quantification of corruption demands that concerted action to be taken against it.

The paper focusses on the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority (KACA), its strategy, legistlative support and potential for success. It recommends that strengthening KACA requires:

  • an appropriate legistlative framework
  • a more comprehensive definition of corruption
  • protection of informers and whistle blowers
  • the extension of police powers to KACA officers
  • judicial decisiveness in expeditious determination of cases prosecuted by KACA

The paper reviews the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Bill in its draft stage. It concludes that the bill constitutes a serious committment to tackling corruption but that its powers are liable to abuse that could lead to violation of consitutional rights.

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