The management of foreign aid in Tanzania

The management of foreign aid in Tanzania

How can aid be used most efficiently?

The paper analyzed foreign aid management in Tanzania. The paper used secondary information and qualitative data from various research studies, Government institutions and NGO’s.

Among others the paper has examined trends in the volume of official development assistance to Tanzania; changing forms of Aid; sectoral forms of Aid; and the institutional framework for managing aid. In addition the paper has addressed the management of Aid including aspects of effectiveness of aid, capacity building, aid coordination and aid conditionally.

The paper put forward the following main policy implications:

  • First, management of sectoral aid and budgetary support demand a greater capacity for structural planning and management as well as budget management.
  • Second, aid relationship should be reviewed to determine new patterns of partnerships in development on more equal terms. In particular, the balance in terms of accountability, transparency, coordination and conditionality needs to be improved so that both partners in development play their new roles effectively.


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