Carbon and forest management

Carbon and forest management

Reducing carbon dioxide through better forest management

This manual is written as briefing for USAID natural resource and environmental program officers, as well as for their host-country counterparts and other colleagues working on issues related to forestry.

The report has two main objectives:

  • To synthesize existing information regarding the relationship between forest resources and carbon, as it relates to the issue of climate change
  • To provide the framework and guidelines for mission staff assessment of host-country trends and activities in relation to forests and carbon

The report includes sections:

  • On carbon, its role in the environment, and how it is related to climate change. This section also provides a brief overview of the world’s current and projected energy needs
  • Presenting the relationship between forests and carbon, and introduces a range of forestry-related mitigation strategies
  • Summarizing the major international efforts taken to address climate change under the auspices of the United Nations
  • Providing guidelines for assessing the value of forest carbon at the mission level and is divided into three parts:
    • Assessing forest carbon at the national level
    • Examining forest carbon links to mission programs outside the natural resources sector
    • Estimating the forest carbon value of the natural resources program

    This section contains suggestions for locating further information on these subjects, as well as for carrying out the assessment


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