Ageing in India

Ageing in India

Practical implications of the population ageing

With no nation-wide registry of older people and community based data on morbidity not readily available, the absence of reliable and continuous sources of data on India makes the task of researchers difficult.

Paper gives overview of issues of ageing population, covering

  • Demographic transition in India
  • Defining ageing in India
  • Current scenario and future projections

Also provides profile of the ageing population, including

  • Health and Morbidity
  • Economic conditions and social security for older people
  • Families and living arrangements
  • Social status of older Indians

  • Gender and ageing
  • Urban and rural differences
  • Migrants and refugees
  • HIV and AIDS

Paper recommends that advocacy, research, involvement of voluntary agencies, training different levels of gerontological workers, along with awareness building, organizing older persons themselves and networking with international agencies are all essential to empower older Indians

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