Gender perspectives on small arms

Gender perspectives on small arms

What are the linkages between small arms issues and gender perspectives?

Paper assesses relevant issues for those working on small arms in conflict situations, including:

  • women and men (girls and boys) often participate in armed conflict in different ways
  • women and men often have different perceptions of "security
  • there is often inequality in representation of women and men in peace and reconstruction

  • Gender perspectives are also important to consider in relation to small arms in non-conflict situations:
    • gender and advocacy
    • masculinity and weapons


    • ensure the gender breakdown of the casualties of small arms proliferation
    • improve the understanding of the role of masculinity in the culture of weapons
    • carry out a gender analysis in practical disarmament measures
    • investigate issues relating to girls, boys and small arms
    • expand public support for campaigns to limit small arms
    • promote women's expertise in small arms issues and increase gender balance in decision making
    • investigate whether or not the gender division of labour in the production of small arms is a relevant issue
    • integrate a gender perspective into the 2001 United Nations Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects
    • more research and documentation on the gender dimensions of small arms

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