Gender perspectives on disarmament and development

Gender perspectives on disarmament and development

What are the linkages between disarmament, development and gender perspectives?

This note explores two dimensions of the development/disarmament discussion. First, it looks at the macro issue of national disarmament, primarily related to nuclear weapons and military expenditures. Second, it turns to issues in the micro perspective, primarily concerned with local development for disarmament initiatives.

Concrete Implications

  • ensure that all discussions of disarmament draw on the expertise and experience of women and men
  • look for ways to increase the involvement of women and women's organizations and movements in disarmament discussions
  • promote women's capacity to participate in disarmament/development discussions at international fora
  • ensure that programmes are based on a clear understanding of gender roles, relations and inequalities
  • develop strategies to ensure women's participation in decision-making and eliminate the obstacles that work against their equitable participation
  • understand and incorporate the lessons from development programming on gender mainstreaming strategies and the linkages between gender equality and different sector areas
  • ensure the sector-specific programmes that link inputs to disarmament learn from lessons in those sectors

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