Who owns the media?

Who owns the media?

How the media is controlled by governments or private families

This article explores who controls the world's media. According to this article, almost universally the largest media firms are controlled by the government or by private families.

The article finds that:

  • government ownership is more pervasive in broadcasting than in the printed media
  • government ownership is generally associated with less press freedom, fewer political and economic rights, inferior governance, and, most conspicuously, inferior social outcomes in education and health
  • the adverse effects of government ownership on political and economic freedom are stronger for newspapers than for television
  • the adverse effects of government ownership of the media do not appear to be restricted solely to instances of government monopoly
  • increasing private ownership of the media (through privatization or by encouraging the entry of privately owned media) can advance a variety of political and economic goals, especially those of meeting the social needs of the poor

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