Climate change and development

Climate change and development

Essays on climate change and development

Collection of essays, aiming to serve as a tool for decisionmakers in developing countries,who will have enormous responsibilities in facing climate challenges in the coming years. It is also intended to be a resource for university faculty and students and others interested in exploring the complexities of the climate change debate.

Essays include:

  • Climate Change and Food Security by M.S. Swaminathan
  • Health and Climate Change by Paul R. Epstein
  • Private Capital Flows and Climate Change: Maximizing Private Investment in Developing Countries under the Kyoto Protocol by Bradford S. Gentry
  • Climate change mitigation in Latin America: A Review of the Latin American Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation by Carlos E. Suárez
  • The Potential Impact of the Emerging CO2 Market: Building on the Costa Rican Experience by René Castro-Salazar, Sarah Cordero Pinchansky, and José Gómez-Ibañez
  • How Developing Countries Can Benefit from Policies to Control Climate Change by David Pearce

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