Community risk assessment toolkit

Community risk assessment toolkit

Improving community level risk assessment

This document details a toolkit aimed at strengthening community level risk assessment practice. It also focuses on ways of influencing disaster risk management decisions, policies and plans at sub-national and national levels. 

Four main features from the toolkit are discussed:
Guidance notes - these give a brief overview of the case studies and methodologies and allow users to identify the most appropriate assessment methodologies and applications

Search tool - this allows users to carry out searches in methodologies and case studies according to a wide range of predetermined categories

Glossary of terms - wide variety of terms, concepts and acronyms are used. This glossary provides a detailed explanation and' where available, a definition of the main terms used in the field of community risk assessment in general and the CRA Toolkit in particular. 

A number of key websites, publications, conceptual articles and information on participatory action research are also provided.

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