Training modules on multigrade teaching for multigrade teachers in Sri Lanka

Training modules on multigrade teaching for multigrade teachers in Sri Lanka

A practical training guide for teachers of multigrade classes

This document is a practical guide for teachers of multigrade classes who may have received no or limited training in multigrade teaching. The training material has been designed to be used either during in-service training sessions or as self-study materials. Though designed for teachers in Sri Lanka, it is suitable for use in a variety of settings where multigrade teaching is used, particularly where multigrade classes are a response to factors such as small schools, limited facilities or funds or teacher shortages.

It covers three modules. The first module provides a discussion and learning activities for considering the benefits and challenges of providing multigrade classes.

The second module examines the context of multigrade teaching. It supports teachers to undertake a challenges and needs analysis, and provides practical advice on:

  • combining grade groups in Sri Lankan rural multigrade settings
  • timetabling practices of multigrade school
  • physical arrangements in multigrade classes/schools.

The final module provides a guide to learning and teaching of mathematics in multigrade/ multilevel settings, adopting a learner- and materials-centred approach. It supports teachers to:

  • review the distribution of themes and topics across grades in the existing national curriculum for mathematics
  • consider the issue of resequencing of topics for multigrade/multilevel teaching
  • develop a multigraded curriculum based on a learner and materials-centred (work card) approach
  • evaluate the roles of the multigrade teacher and the learner in adopting the new work card approach in multigrade teaching for combined classes of Grade 3, 4 and 5.