Political party assessment: Afghanistan

Political party assessment: Afghanistan

The current state of Afghanistan’s emerging political parties

This report provides an overview the current state of Afghanistan’s emerging political parties. It particularly focuses on parties represented in the National Assembly and discusses the political identity, organisational strength, internal democracy, and electioneering capacity of the 25 parties that were examined in this research.

Some of the key findings include:

  • following the elections, it is clear that the success of democracy depends on the development of well organised, transparent, and representative political parties
  • there is a weak connection between the parties and their members that have been elected to the provincial councils
  • few parties have a readily identifiable policy platform and ideology
  • more positively however, the pool of relevant parties is now more clearly defined than before the election when there were as many as a hundred party organisations actively campaigning. In addition to this, the predictions that the National Assembly will be gridlocked by independent candidates and weak parties have not borne out.
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