Education rights: a guide for practitioners and activists

Education rights: a guide for practitioners and activists

A human-rights approach to education

This resource guide urges people working at local and national levels around the world to adopt a rights-based approach to education. It develops a range of ideas and methodologies to put a human rights-based approach to education in practice. It focuses on six strategic areas that are central to (and provide a framework for) a human rights-based approach to work in education. These are:

  • understanding and securing the right to education
  • working with excluded groups
  • financing education
  • promoting citizen participation in education
  • securing rights in education
  • advancing a full “Education for All” agenda
Each section begins with a brief overview of key issues to be considered and then discusses a range of activities which could be developed within a scheme of work. Short practical examples are given, from a wide range of countries. The majority of the activities focus on work at the local level, but national and international links are also discussed. Within each section two or three areas are analyzed in more detail.

The pack is targeted at anyone working on education issues and is interested in using a rights-based approach, with a focus on people-centered advocacy, rights and power. The pack will help strengthen education work across the board, whether you are working exclusively on education or taking a broader social justice agenda.
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