Children and armed conflict: report of the Secretary-General

Children and armed conflict: report of the Secretary-General

Children in armed conflict: current trends and concerns

This document is the annual report from the Secretary-General. It details progress in the implementation of SC Resolution 1612 – ending the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict and its monitoring and reporting mechanism.

The report's findings include:

  • the recruitment of children and internal displacement are closely linked - with displacement the only avenue left for families to avoid their children’s recruitment by armed groups
  • the movement of armed groups across borders to recruit children from refugee camps continues to be of concern
  • increasingly, cases of children being detained for alleged association with armed groups in violation of international standards are being encountered.
  • systematic and deliberate attacks on schoolchildren, teachers and school buildings have escalated in certain conflict situations, warranting the increased attention of, and action by, the international

Key recommendations emerging from the research include:

  • the Security Council to give equal weight to all categories of grave violations, including not only the recruitment and use of children, but also the killing and maiming of children, rape and other grave sexual violence, abductions and denial of humanitarian access to children
  • member States concerned should take effective action to bring to justice individuals responsible for the recruitment and use of children and other grave violations against children through national justice systems
  • adequate resources and funding should be made available by donors to national governments, the UN and partners to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of all children who have been associated with armed groups while ensuring their long-term sustainability and viability.
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