Expert seminar: migration and the environment

Expert seminar: migration and the environment

Assessing the relationships between migration and the environment

Environmental degradation, climate change and migration are not new to the global community. However, managing these phenomena has become both more challenging and more critical to ensuring human security and sustainable development. This publication includes the material of the two-day expert seminar on migration and the environment which aimed to explore the two-way association between migration and the environment as well as the interaction of these phenomena with security. The aim of the event and this report is to contribute to a more comprehensive research and policy agenda.

This report provides an account of some of the main issues discussed during the seminar including:

  • definitional issues
  • critical dimensions of the migration and environment nexus
  • improving data and research for informed policymaking and action
  • possible policy responses and interventions
  • the main challenges and lessons learned and their implications for the way forward.
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