Solar water disinfection: a guide for the application of SODIS

Solar water disinfection: a guide for the application of SODIS

Producing clean pathogen-free water using the sun, a plastic bottle and corrugated iron!

Access to safe drinking water is a major issue faced by a large number of the world’s population. In an attempt to address this issue, multiple water processing methods have been developed. One such method is the Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) method: a simple, environmentally sustainable, low-cost solution for drinking water treatment at household level. It is aimed at people at risk of consuming microbiologically contaminated water. SODIS uses solar energy to destroy pathogenic micro-organisms causing water-borne diseases, thereby improving the quality of drinking water [adapted from author].

This manual provides guidance on the application of the SODIS method. It includes:

  • An introduction to water and the development of SODIS
  • Technical background and principles for the application of SODIS
  • Application in the field
  • Project implementation, including training and promotion
Diagrams, pictures and case studies are provided throughout the guide. In addition, promotional tools are provided such as flipchart posters, posters for display, short stories for radio, SODIS pamphlets, SODIS comic and a SODIS game to aid in the implementation of the method.
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