Knowledge translation toolkit: a resource for researchers

Knowledge translation toolkit: a resource for researchers

Bridging the gap between research and action

Knowledge Translation (KT) is the middle, meeting ground between two fundamentally different processes: those of research and those of action. This toolkit is offered primarily to researchers working on health policy and systems issues in low and middle income countries, but it will be of interest to many other audiences as well. The authors aim to open doors into new worlds of understanding, provoking debate and encouraging researchers to think broadly and develop skills in asking and beginning to answer the many new questions that today’s complex health challenges force us to address.

The authors argue that policies and interventions must reflect the best possible current knowledge. New research is needed, both implementation research and basic social and natural science research.

Areas covered include:

  • Bringing in the demand
  • Knowledge management and context mapping
  • Evaluative thinking
  • Designing a communication strategy and communicating research
  • The two-pager: writing a policy brief
  • Open Access
  • Tapping technology and the conference 2.0

Please note: this is a large file and will take a while to download.

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