Institutional learning and change initiative

Institutional learning and change initiative

An online guide to institutional learning and change

This online sourcebook is intended for use by all those who are responsible for planning, managing, carrying out or evaluating research and development and who wish to improve their effectiveness in contributing to the Millennium Development Goals. It highlights concepts and conceptual frameworks for fostering learning and performance enhancing change in research organizations.

The sourcebook introduces readers to several practical tools and approaches for promoting and developing institutional learning and change (ILAC) in their daily work. Common challenges concerning the introduction and mainstreaming of ILAC are identified and the authors offer practical strategies for overcoming them.

The toolkit consists of a set of ‘information digests’, each of which outlines a tool or an approach that demonstrated its use to foster ILAC. The digests identify some of the real-world issues that have arisen in developing and applying these approaches, and indicate how they have been dealt with in practice. The list of topics presented is likely to evolve over time as the work of preparing the sourcebook progresses.

Users are invited to provide feedback on the internet version of the sourcebook. A free registration is required to read the full publication. The following areas are included in the tools and approaches section of this sourcebook:

  • audits for learning and change
  • learning alliances
  • building learning into external reviews
  • horizontal evaluation
  • appreciative inquiry
  • utilisation focused evaluation
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