Analysing disrupted health sectors - Manual

Analysing disrupted health sectors - Manual

Toolkit to guide analysis of troubled health sectors

Providing health services in fragile states and conflict affected settings is a challenge. This manual, published by the World Health Organization, provides guidance to analysts of troubled health sectors, in countries on the verge of an economic, political and/or military catastrophe, protracted crises and situations of transition from disaster to recovery.

This practical, experience-based, and action-oriented manual suggests ways of analysing the situation and the patterns recurring in disrupted health sectors. It proposes instruments for data collection and analysis, illustrates and suggests ways of overcoming common pitfalls.

The manual is made up of 14 key thematic modules which include: 

  • Module 1: The crises environment
  • Module 2: Making (rough) sense of (shaky) data
  • Module 3: Country background
  • Module 4: Health Status and Health Needs
  • Module 5: Health Policy
  • Module 6: Health Sector Expenditure and Financing
  • Module 7: Patterns of Health Care Provision
  • Module 8: Regulation and Management Systems
  • Module 9: The Health Network
  • Module 10: Human Resources
  • Module 11: The Pharmaceutical Area
  • Module 12: Formulating Strategies for the Recovery if a Disrupted Health Sector
  • Module 13: Producing a Health Sector Profile
  • Module 14: Resources

In these thematic modules, the authors cover the main areas relevant to the study of battered health sectors, offering practical advice, experiences from the field, tools, references and suggestions for further study. Most modules include stand-alone annexes, which cover selected topics considered of special interest. In this way, the manual offers materials for use, rather than for reading.

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