Special issue of Emerging Themes in Epidemiology on survey issues

Special issue of Emerging Themes in Epidemiology on survey issues

Methods for health surveys in difficult settings: charting progress, moving forward

This special issue of Emerging Themes in Epidemiology is entirely devoted to survey methods in certain 'difficult' settings, such as emergencies, remote regions without easily available sampling frames, hidden and vulnerable population groups, urban slums and populations living under strong political pressure. It builds upon a successful conference in London highlighting problems with current approaches and possible ways forward.

In this issue, the authors note that health surveys are a very important component of the epidemiology toolbox, and play a critical role in gauging population health, especially in developing countries. Albeit the recognised role, research on health survey methods is sparse. This is truer for difficult settings mentioned above.

The authors of the various papers in this issue bridge the knowledge gap, especially with regard to establishing a global system to track the evolution of major crises as well as forward thinking approaches to survey design and implementation. The authors conclude with a call for greater investment in research on health survey methods, as this will have beneficial effects for populations most in need.

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