Measuring impact-beyond the bottom line

Measuring impact-beyond the bottom line

Why measuring impacts on society makes business sense

Over the past few years, several companies have explored ways to measure the impact of their business activities on the societies in which they operate. These innovations have led to development a common approach to measuring business impact that can be used by all business sectors.

This publication presents the Measuring Impact Framework, and highlights the experiences and lessons learned from companies that have pioneered the thinking behind the Framework. It explains why measuring and understanding a company’s impact is good for business and good for society.

Key features of the Framework include:

  • Grounded in what business does: based around activities and processes that companies do every day
  • Moves beyond compliance: attempts to answer questions about what business contributes beyond traditional reporting
  • Encourages stakeholder engagement: supports open dialogue with stakeholders to create a shared understanding of business impacts and societal needs, and to explore what business can and cannot do to address these needs
  • Flexible: designed for any business and/or industry at any stage in its business cycle, operating anywhere in the world
  • Complements existing tools: makes use of what is already out there