Sex work and the new era of HIV prevention and care

Sex work and the new era of HIV prevention and care

How does HIV and AIDS care and prevention impact on sex work projects?

Many HIV agencies and civil society groups are considering the impact of new prevention and care methods and planning to incorporate them into their programs and policies. Large organisations have staff to work on this but smaller ones who are struggling with their daily work can find it difficult to monitor emerging issues. This publication from the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers is aimed at the many smaller sex work projects in that situation.

The author describes some of the new policies and interventions for HIV prevention and care that are already in place or on their way and discusses some of the opportunities and threats that they might bring to men, women and transgenders who sell sex, in different ways, in various parts of the world. The document concludes that much remains to evolve in HIV prevention and care in the coming months and years and there is much to learn. In the meantime, sex workers can play an important role by continuing to advocate for evidence-based programs and policies that reduce vulnerability to HIV and secure access to HIV prevention and care for sex workers and their children. Finally the author stresses that if there is any single conclusion from this book it is that for the new approaches to be effective we need more strategies and solutions for the old problems.

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