Education for Community Empowerment Project

Education for Community Empowerment Project

Anglican Church of Kenya project to increase functional literacy among the communities in Kagamega, through the use of the Regenerated Freirian Literacy and Empowering Community Techniques (REFLECT) approach.

What examples are there of effective mobilisation of citizens/communities which have brought about improved education outcomes (quality and access) for poor men and women?   Are there any examples where broader forms of social change have also taken place as a result or strengthening community action and choice in education services? This Health and Education Advice and Resource Team report reviews the relavent literature to answer these questions.

There is a wealth of literature on community involvement in education in poor countries reporting varying degrees of success. An extensive World Bank literature review discusses many evaluations of outcomes of community involvement in schools. Successes, failures and evaluation difficulties are reported.  This report includes research from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

An example of effective mobilisation of communities which has brought about improved education is Escuela Nueva in Colombia which serves more than half the country’s rural areas. Pupil learning outcomes are superior to those in conventional schools.  This report also includes examples of some less successful findings from projects including case studies from Nepal and El Salvador.

Comments on broader social outcomes include:

  • Evidence from Guatemala suggests that school council empowerment extends beyond its aims for education. Councils have fought for their interests, including mobilizing other citizens and even forcing the state to change its stands.
  • A paper on community-based approaches notes that the improved outcomes aimed for do not need to be fulfilled as empowerment of communities is a valuable aim in itself.

(amended Health and Edcuation Advice and Resource Team summary)

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