IMARK: Information Management Resource Kit

IMARK: Information Management Resource Kit

E-learning resources for agricultural information

IMARK is an e-learning initiative in agricultural information management.  It has been developed by FAO and partner organisations. IMARK is being created as a series of modules on the Internet and CD-ROM, offered free of charge, which introduce the latest concepts, approaches and tools for information management.

IMARK outputs consist of:

  • modules - a series of computer-based distance learning curricula and resources for agricultural information management on CD and via the Internet. Each IMARK module treats one of the major subject areas in such a way that practitioners and experts of various levels of experience from a wide range of institutions and organizations will benefit. Modules currenly cover:
    • Digital Libraries, Repositories and Document
    • Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development
    • Networking in Support of Development
    • Building Electronic Communities and Networks
    • Investing in Information for Development
    • Management of Electronic Documents
  • on-line Community - a "virtual" community on the Internet forcontributors and learners, allowing them to exchange information, and tocollaborate with other professionals. The IMARK online community allowslearners to follow up on what they have learned and to share theirexperiences with others
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