Harnessing trade for development: id21 insights, issue 59

Harnessing trade for development: id21 insights, issue 59

Benefiting from market access opportunities

Developing countries cannot achieve sustainable growth and poverty reduction unless they integrate into the world economy. Trade reforms are necessary, but not enough to maximise the potential benefits of trade. Negotiations at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong in December, 2005 should also focus on establishing an ‘aid for trade’ mechanism.

This issue of id21 insights suggests that improving market access, which includes removing barriers that impede developing countries’ ability to export goods and services should be the highest priority, complemented with expanded ‘aid for trade’.

Articles included:

  • Getting to know the WTO: Furlong, D.
  • Doha negotiations: Tulloch, P.
  • Market access or subsidies: Olarreaga, M.
  • Trade preferences: Stevens, C.
  • Complementary reforms needed for poverty reduction: Brambilla, I.
  • Aid for trade: Prowse, S.
  • Implementing WTO agreements: Lengyel, M.F.
  • Making trade negotiations work: Njinkeu, D.