Mind the gap: from evidence to policy impact

Mind the gap: from evidence to policy impact

Mind the gap: from evidence to policy impact - conference proceedings

The 3ie conference, Mind the Gap: From Evidence to Policy Impact, brought to centre stage the need to address this “tension between learning and doing” as Ruth Levine (Hewlett Foundation) called it in the conference opening. For researchers, there is pressure to deliver quick results and for policymakers “there is still a pronounced hunger for success stories but a tendency to choke on failure”.

Many of the participants at the conference spoke of a real shift in the political discourse and demand for evidence. To ensure that good evidence influences policy, researchers need to ‘get away from their comfort zone' and actively engage with policymakers to help them answer the ‘big questions’. In Latin America, impact evaluation has become part of the democratic dialogue. For the Chilean Planning Minister Felipe Kast, this movement in Latin America is partly due to the fact that “people don’t believe in politicians anymore. Since the credibility is so low, politicians must use good evidence to convince citizens that programmes are working”.

All presentations, photographs, videos and recordings of some of the sessions are now available on the conference site. Conference took place in Cuernavaca, Mexico, 15-17 June 2011.

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