Young lives, international study of childhood poverty - working papers

Young lives, international study of childhood poverty - working papers

Resources from Young Lives study on childhood poverty

Working papers from the Young Lives study.

Papers below date from 2010-2011. Please see the site for further selection of papers dating back to 2002.

  • 'I'd rather be hit with a stick...Grades are sacred' Students' Perceptions of Discipline and Authority in a Public High School in Peru
  • Negotiating Children's Ethnic Identity in the Highlands of Vietnam
  • Increasing Choice or Inequality? Pathways through Early Education in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Is the Dual Burden of Over- and Under-nutrition a Concern for Poor Households in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam?
  • Situating Risk in Young People's Social and Moral Relationships Young Lives Research in Peru
  • Psychosocial Status and Cognitive Achievement in Peru
  • Children’s Perspectives on Risk and Vulnerability in Contexts of Poverty and Change Findings from Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Change and Opportunity The Transition from Primary to Secondary School in Rural and Urban Peru
  • What Shapes the Influence Evidence Has on Policy? The Role of Politics in Research Utilisation
  • Know Your Place: Ethiopian Children’s Contributions to the Household Economy
  • Do Pre-natal and Post-natal Economic Shocks Have a Long-lasting Effect on the Height of 5-year-old Children? Evidence from 20 Sentinel Sites of Rural and Urban Ethiopia
  • Poor Households’ Experiences and Perception of User Fees for Healthcare: A Mixed-method Study from Ethiopia
  • Changing Educational Aspirations of Children Living in Poverty in Ethiopia
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