Temporary shelter and hygiene promotion project in Galkaiyo, Puntland, 2011

Temporary shelter and hygiene promotion project in Galkaiyo, Puntland, 2011

Evaluation of Norwegian assistance to IDPs in Somalia

This report is an evaluation of a project in Galkaiyo, southern Puntland,implemented by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and supported by theSwedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). It formspart of a much larger NRC programme of assistance to the people ofSomalia, also supported by a number of other donors.

In the area around the town of Galkaiyo, southern Puntland, there are almost 60,000 displaced people living in very basic and difficult conditions in 21 spontaneous settlements. This SIDA-funded project aimed to work with a target group of 2,000 of the most vulnerable households (12,000 people) supporting them with temporary shelter and a range of hygiene inputs.

Key findings:

  • NRC should engage with UNHCR (and other concerned agencies) to confirm an approach allowing quicker emergency response to new arrivals
  • other sheltering strategies could be considered, taking into account existing coping mechanisms and livelihood strategies
  • NRC and SIDA increase formal lobbying approaches to UNICEF in Nairobi to ensure an improved engagement in Galkaiyo
  • NRC should review their current monitoring guidelines and procedures, and establish protocols for staff
  • with regard to tents, NRC should explore with the identified specialist technical survey companies what options exist to ensure the ordered quality of canvas and additional treatments is being received, and to thereafter ensure that proper quality controls are undertaken
  • NRC should make some minor modifications to its design of the latrine cubicles and should, with its WASH partners, try and find an appropriate solution to the problem of emptying latrines 
  • NRC to explore the possibilities of some livelihoods interventions as part of their overall shelter approach
NRC is a key partner in the Galkaiyo area and seen very positively in southern Puntland and the northern areas of South- Central by the authorities, the partners and the beneficiaries themselves. They operate through clear and open approaches regarding engagement with particular communities, which help in maintaining dignity, self-reliance to an extent, and humanitarian access in general. NRC works to identify the areas of greatest need, and it finds practical and acceptable, but non-compromising, ways of gaining access and operating there.