United Nations Development Assistance Framework Jamaica 2012-2016

United Nations Development Assistance Framework Jamaica 2012-2016

UNDAF - UN programme to assist Jamaica to meet development objectives

Jamaica is on track to ensure environmental sustainability and to eradicate extreme hunger, but it faces a number of development challenges. United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2012-2016 provides a coordinated strategy for the delivery of UN assistance to Jamaica to meet its development objectives.

This report published by “United Nations System in Jamaica” reviews UNDAF aspects. It indicates that after years of decline, poverty in Jamaica is increasing, particularly in the rural areas. Jamaica’svulnerability to national hazard, the effect of climate change and the dependence on importedpetroleum continue to be significant and costly.

The document demonstrates that the three UNDAF pillars are:environment; social empowerment and equity; and safety, security and justice. Emphasis will be placed onparticipation and inclusivity in all spheres, including policy and planning, results-based management, andcapacity building.

The report highlights a number of lessons learned fromimplementation of UNDAF 2007 – 2011: 

  • local agencies need to work more towards real harmonisation in waysthat would eliminate the current diversity between them; clarity regarding the acceptable level of harmonisation of systems and procedures is required 
  • there is a need to focus on areas of greatest potential impact, comparative advantage so as toavoid programme fragmentation 
  • it is important to revitalise the theme groups and expand membership to government and civil society 
  • UNDAF outcomes and performance indicators were vague and outputs ambiguous; indicators are important to allow for more effective tracking of performance
  • in this context, the unavailability of data to monitor implementation is a problem that should be addressed 
  • there was a lack of awareness of UNDAF within each of the UN family and government of Jamaica, and among international partners; advertisement matters
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