Synthesis report: REDD+ financing and activities survey

Synthesis report: REDD+ financing and activities survey

Synthesis of information received from a global survey on REDD+ financing and implementing arrangements

This paper presents a synthesis of results from a survey on countries and international bodies on their current REDD+ financing and implementing arrangements. It reports that REDD+ activities which have received financing support include: planning and consultation; capacity building; implementation of REDD+ activities and strategies; and result-based payments for emissions reduction. The paper provides developing countries’ estimated financial needs to build their capacity for REDD+ and commence early implementation of REDD+ activities, with interim financial contributions and commitments from developed countries and financial flows from multilateral initiatives.

The paper presents comments from countries and organisations on positive aspects of their national or organisational approach to REDD+, options for improving coordination and implementing arrangements for REDD+ at the national, bilateral and multilateral level, and suggestions for improving information exchange and sharing of experiences in REDD+ planning, design and implementation.

The paper makes the following recommendations:

  • utilise multiple channels to share information and experiences
  • organise regional workshops to provide opportunities for sharing experiences on a systematic basis
  • provide opportunities for feedback, greater transparency and access to information
  • ensure that sufficient resources are available to enable countries to share experiences and support cooperation between developing countries.
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