Mainstreaming adaptation into local development plans in Vietnam

Mainstreaming adaptation into local development plans in Vietnam

Report on two climate change adaptation pilot studies in Vietnam

This report focuses on two adaptation projects in Vietnam: an assessment of climate change vulnerability in the Cat Khanh commune; and adaptation mainstreaming efforts in Binh Dinh province's fishing sector. Vietnam is taking steps to address its vulnerability to climate change with legislation approved to mainstream adaptation into local development plans. Documented by the Adaptation Knowledge Platform (AKP), the objectives of the study included the facilitation of adaptation at all scales, strengthening adaptation, research and institutional capacity, implementing a vulnerability assessment, and providing technical support for piloting mainstreaming efforts.

The paper presents results of the vulnerability assessments, covering each major sector, and a summary of the capacity and vulnerability of the Cat Khanh Commune and Binh Dinh fisheries, as well as the scope and implementation of mainstreaming activities. Discussion on the results of the pilot mainstreaming efforts is followed by recommendations for adaptation measures for both coastal fishing and aquaculture. Examples include enhancing awareness of climate change in administration officials and communities, restoring mangrove forests and improving early warning systems.

The paper concludes by summarising the barriers and challenges identified and the lessons learned. One of the biggest challenges concerns a lack of relevant and accurate data, in addition to limited capacity. This is reflected in the limited number of local officers able to attend mainstreaming exercises. Also, for many of the people participating, the pilot study was their first encounter with climate change and adaptation concepts. In Binh Dinh, very little inter-agency communication was observed; with cooperation so crucial to long-term adaptation measures, time and effort were spent identifying and engaging with key stakeholders to facilitate trust. In doing so, the Climate Change Coordination Office managed to draft a legal document on mainstreaming adaptation into development plans – a first attempt at integrating adaptation in Vietnam at the provincial level.

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