Combating Poverty and Inequality: structural change, social policy and politics

Combating Poverty and Inequality: structural change, social policy and politics

This report explores the causes, dynamics and persistence of poverty, and argues that current  approaches to poverty often ignore its root causes. It  analyses poverty reduction as part of long-term processes of social, economic and political transformation, and draws important lessons from the experiences of those countries that have successfully combined economic development and active social policy to reduce poverty. 

The report examines the complex ways that poverty alleviation outcomes are shaped by the interconnection of ideas, institutions, policies and practices. It advocates for a pattern of growth and structural change that can generate and sustain jobs that are adequately remunerated and accessible to all – regardless of income or class status, gender, ethnicity or location.

Chapter four of the report considers gender inequalities in the home and in the market, and chapter seven considers care and wellbeing, including women's unpaid care.

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