Practice Brief: Promote food security in West and Central Africa

Practice Brief: Promote food security in West and Central Africa

This practice brief showcases SNV’s activities in West and  Central Africa aimed at supporting rural households to  achieve food security. It is based on a broad range of case  studies that highlight a number of similarities in the quest for  solutions, for example:

  • in the delivery of services relating to  the management of family farms in Burkina Faso
  • the  marketing of wild mangoes in Cameroon’s forests
  • the  influence of policies by pastoralists in Mali in order to  safeguard their production systems

It also underscores the  diversity of contexts that require specific responses to  address food issues, such as cereal production and trade in  Mali, or palm oil in Benin in surplus areas, on the one hand,  as well as the onion trade in Niger or cassava production in  DRC, which are food deficit areas, on the other hand. Experience has shown that SNV’s work has culminated in  significant improvements to the livelihoods of rural  households, as well as to their adaptation strategies, while  increasing their contribution to economic development in  remote and landlocked areas in Africa.

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