School-related gender-based violence in the Asia-Pacific region

School-related gender-based violence in the Asia-Pacific region

For some children in Asia-Pacific, particularly girls, the mere walk to school is menacing and comes with the daily threat of violence. Once at school, they might also be subject to physical, psychosocial and sexual abuse – bullied by teachers and peers or abused in the name of discipline.

This review, on School-Related Gender-Based Violence [SRGBV] in the Asia-Pacific Region commissioned by UNESCO Bangkok and implemented in partnership with the East Asia Pacific Regional UN Girls’ Education Initiative, takes on this challenge. The review examines the evidence on SRGBV and related policy and programming in Asia-Pacific, offering a base for much-needed debate and policy-level discussions. The review and its recommendations break ground in defining SRGBV in the Asia-Pacific context and outlining a path towards putting an end to it.

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