Status of action against commercial exploitation of children: Nigeria

Status of action against commercial exploitation of children: Nigeria

This report focuses on the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in Nigeria. It provides a comprehensive baseline of information on various manifestations of CSEC in the country, as well as an assessment of the achievements and challenges, including the participation of children and young people themselves, in efforts to eliminate CSEC.

The report follows the framework of the Stockholm Agenda for Action, in that it recommends action by governments, in partnership with civil society, in the following categories: coordination and cooperation, prevention, protection, recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration, and child participation.

It gives a comprehensive overview of CSEC in Nigeria, highlighting issues such as child prostitution, pornography, and the connections between tourism and sexual exploitation. It then advocates for countries to implement national action plans that address these problems. Nigeria’s past and existing action plans are examined, and recommendations made for improvement are made; these include: better coordination and cooperation on the local, national, regional and international levels; more training and education, improved legislation, and vulnerability reduction.

Finally, for each broad recommendation this report makes, it categorically lists priority actions required to ensure their successful implementation.

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